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    • NTO's Meter Taxi Service coming soon!
  • NTO is exploring new options of domestic tours at very competitive rates:
    Weekly Programs:
    Sodere, Langano, Wondogenet, Hawassa(Two Days & One Night)
    One Day Tours: Sodere, Zeway, Debrezeit, Melkakunture, Tiya, Adadi Mariam, Menagesha Supa…

Welcome to National Tour Operation and Travel Agency Enterprise (NTO)

With more than three decades exprience in the tourism sector in Ethiopia, NTO is a Tour and Travel Specialist Throughout the Lands of “THIRTEEN MONTHS OF SUNSHINE”. NTO is the oldest, the precursor and the most dependable tour operator and travel agency. It is the chief arm of Ethiopia's growing tourism industry.



Journey by NTO have successfully managed the challenges of traveling in Ethiopia for three decadesOne of the world’s last Hidden Empires Ethiopia offers the discerning, adventurous traveler a spectacular and rewarding journey unlike any other.

Having high elevation, most rugged mountains on African continent, Ethiopia is said to be the Roof of Africa. One of the lowest point on earth, Dallol (116 meters below sea level), is also found in Ethiopia.

With NTO, discover & rediscover the roof of Africa; one of the lowest point in the world; the land of pristine culture and history; of castles and palaces; of ancient monuments, Churches and monasteries; of canyons, valleys mountains; lakes, deserts; the endemic wildlife and bird species and the land of extremes and endless contrasts.

Journey by NTO have successfully managed the challenges of traveling in Ethiopia for more than three decades and are rightly considered Ethiopia’s leading specialist tour operator to what is challenging and truly fascinating destinations.

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